Qualstar Midrange Libraries



Expansion Ready

Any RLS-8350 library can be expanded by adding up to three RLS-85120 modules, increasing capacity by over eight times.

  • Up to 410 tapes enabling over 2.5 PB compressed data to be stored in just 36U
  • Up to 19 LTO 5 or LTO 6 SAS or FC drives
  • Field upgrades are User-installable, self-calibrating and automatically discovered
  • FastPass™, Qualstar’s simple, robust tape mover fits entirely within library
  • No additional power or cooling needed


The RLS-8350 extends Qualstar’s well-respected RLS-8500 Series of Simply Reliable automated, high capacity rack mountable tape libraries. Offering superior performance and value, a single RLS-8350 library module delivers 125 terabytes of data in native mode. Using typical data compression ratios, capacity can exceed 312 terabytes. Multi-unit configurations can exceed 2.5 petabytes in a single rack.



Offering superior performance and value, RLS-8500 Series libraries deliver capacities up to 285 terabytes (native) in just 10U. Using typical data compression ratios, each library module can exceed 712 terabytes. Multi-module configurations can exceed 2.9 petabytes in a single rack.


  • RLS-8560 libraries contain 54 data cartridge storage slots and a dedicated four-slot I/O port
  • RLS-85120 models house 114 data cartridge slots with 1 four-slot I/O port; or 108 slots with 2 four-slot I/O ports
  • Both models house up to seven LTO 5 or LTO 6 tape drives
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