The Enterprise Flash Storage Engine

at the cost of spinning drives

  • 64TB up to1PB in 5 U
  • up to 2'000'000 IOPS < 900 µs
  • VMware 5.5 / 6.x certified
  • Citrix XenServer 6.x certified
  • Quality of Service
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery
  • Role-based Management

Price per GB

from EUR 0.48*

* Calculation based on logical capacity of 1.5PB(3x physical raw capacity)

The New Storage DNA

The ElastiStor product from CloudByte has re-defined the DNA for enterprise storage infrastructure. This revolutionary Software Defined Storage approach is reducing storage cost by 70% and more, compared with legacy storage solutions.

CloudByte ElastiStor
The new Storage DNA

sandisk logo

The New Flash Dimension

The Infiniflash system from SanDisk has set a new benchmark in storage density and performance. The video below will astonish you.

SanDisk Infiniflash
The new Flash Dimension


VENOM-S Infiniflash

- Activ - Active Storage Controller 
- 4x E5-2637V4, 3.5GHz CPU
- 512GB RAM (max. 3 TB)      
- 24x  2.5" SAS-3 SSD Drive Bay
- 4x 10GbE SFP+ Network Interface
- 8x SAS-3 12G/s Expansion Ports

- 356TB Flash Storage (128TB raw)

- QoS (Quality of Service)
- Multi Tenancy
- NFS / iSCSI / SMB / (FC optional)
- Inline Dedupe & Compression
- End-to-End Data Integrity
- Self Healing Filesystem
- WAN Optimized Replication
- Ease of Use Management UI

EUR 198'500.--

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SanDisk & CloudByte

CloudByte and Sandisk have revolutionized storage far beyond capacity. This combined solution has set a new level of Throughput, Latency and IOPS performance.

Our Team is ready to develop dedicated Software Defined Storage Solutions based on your special requirements to cover actual and future needs in your data storage environment. Our goal is to reach the highest efficiency, flexibility, scalability and cost optimization with your new storage infrastructure.

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