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Innovative solutions and concepts create real added value

Innovation means the introduction/implementation of innovations that promise significant improvements. The storage of information is connected with great considerable expenditures for companies today. New and innovative technologies are required in this context. We have set ourselves the goal of scouring the market for real storage innovations and making them available to our customers. Only the capacity and performance values of systems are normally expanded or renewed by enhancement of storage infrastructure. New storage systems from large, well-known manufacturers are often expensive and based mostly on a 15 to 20 year architecture. We create real added value with our new and innovative solutions, which can help you to cope with the challenges of the future without problems.

Primary Storage

The virtualizing of servers and desktops has become very widespread in recent years. This development presents new challenges for storage systems in virtual environments. Firstly, it is important that sufficient capacity is available and, secondly, an extremely high number of IOPS is required in the virtualized world.

To do justice to these ever-increasing demands with steadily increasing cost pressure at the same time, new, innovative storage concepts based on inexpensive x86 standard hardware components are indispensable. The combination of software-defined storage solutions and standard hardware has REDEFINED STORAGE.

However, it is not sufficient to combine any software-defined storage solutions with any standard hardware components to cope with future requirements on a storage system inexpensively and in the long term. We from Q5 offer a range of solutions for primary storage, which set new standards in terms of economic efficiency, sustainability and environmental compatibility.

Nearline Speicher / Active Archive

To relieve the ever faster growing flood of data, HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) concepts were already developed for expensive primary storage many years ago. However, the cost of such HSM solutions were very high as well as costly in operation and fault-prone.

Other paths must be taken to get a grip on this problem of data explosion. Automatic avoiding of duplicate data and data fragments reduces the data volume by up to 70% without compromising secure storage and quick access to this information.

The Active Archive Alliance was launched to deal with this problem. With Active Archive, more inexpensive nearline storage and archive storage systems are integrated in storage infrastructure as transparent capacity enhancements of primary storage. Data that are no longer required in daily access are automatically moved from primary storage to downstream nearline/archive systems and replaced by a “link” to the new storage location. This link provides the user with the file information unchanged, but only requires a fraction of the storage space of the original file. With appropriate implementation of Active Archive, the data moved in this way no longer need be backed up via a backup infrastructure.

The efficiency of the entire storage infrastructure can improved substantially and the availability of information increases significantly with Active Archive. Your storage infrastructure achieves Efficiency class A+++ with Active Archive!

Backup, Restore & Disaster Recovery

The security of corporate data has top priority and is essential for a company. Although the fast recovery of individual files, the recovery process with faulty servers or a complete disaster recovery have very different effects, one thing is common to all of them: Making information or services available again cannot be fast enough.

Q5 helps you to create backup concepts that precisely cover your needs optimally. Backup to disk with an optimal data deduplication is an essential element in such environments in most cases. The backup volume can be reduced by up to 95% and costs optimized with such solutions.


Storage Network

In an IT environment, the network is what represents the transport infrastructure in today’s society. A powerful, robust and flexible network infrastructure is an absolute must to ensure reliable and high-performance access to stored information and applications for users. Although the LAN infrastructure that connects the user with individual servers is important, the network infrastructure that connects the server to a central storage system is even more critical.

If these storage networks do not have sufficient bandwidth and a high degree of fault tolerance, this can affect IT operations to a great extent.

We want to make solutions and products available to our partners that are qualitatively on the same level of those of large manufacturers, but which also set new standards in terms of flexibility, performance and costs. We want to make the latest networking technology accessible to small and medium-sized companies.