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Q5 AG provides solutions in the field of storage and storage-related infrastructure.

The goal is to make innovative solutions available to the market that add real value for large, medium and small customers and set new standards in price/performance.




Only the capacity and performance values of systems are normally expanded or renewed by enhancement of storage infrastructure. New storage systems from large, well-known manufacturers are often expensive and based mostly on a 15 to 20 year old architecture. We create real added value with our new and innovative solutions, which can help you to cope with the challenges of the future without problems.


Exploding data volumes can no longer be handled economically with conventional storage concepts. This data growth is caused by data and information that users no longer need to access as fast as possible in daily use. If these data are stored on an enterprise unified storage system, these large data volumes cause correspondingly considerable costs. Active archive concepts reduce these costs significantly.


Data backup of information critical for a company is of vital importance. It is not just essential for such data and information to be stored somewhere safely in at least a second copy. The amount of time for the restoration of this data is becoming increasingly important. As a result, backups have been commonly made in two steps in recent years: first stored on disk and then copied to a tape.


Important aspects of storage networks are the unlimited access of hosts to all mass storage devices, centralized sharing of high-performance storage systems, a balanced data load between available backup devices as well as the constant availability of all data with the least possible load on local networks. In addition, fault tolerance and scalability are also decisive properties of storage networks.

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 What our customers say……….

With the Q5 storage appliances, we are able to cover customer requirements optimally in the data storage area and fulfill even the highest performance expectations cost-effectively.
The increasing sophistication of software defined storage solutions now offers enterprise-class storage capabilities at affordable prices. Q5 is in the top-end of such storage providers, forging new ground in low-cost, high performance solutions.
Our innovative municipality with the tourist destination Gstaad provides a wide range of services to its inhabitants as well as tourists. Thanks to the enterprise storage and server solutions of Q5 AG, we have been able to expand the range of our services further and significantly increase efficiency at a lower cost. Q5 is our guarantee for highly available, high-performance and affordable IT.
Markus Mayer
BlueNetwork Systems - Managing Director
Johan Blomgren
CEO at MeraIT
Patrick Ummel
IT-Manager - Community Saanen


Why Q5?

We have specialized in providing innovative products and solutions in general storage and immediate storage environment to our customers and business partners. The focal point of our activities is on satisfying the requirements and needs of our customers with services and solutions of the highest quality. If every one of our customers is happy to be cited as a reference, we have fulfilled our own demands on the quality of our work and services as well as the quality of our product portfolio.




In addition to our products, we set the highest quality standards in the following areas.



Q5  –  Beyond Innovation


Different companies have different requirements for the tools that they use to perform on the market. The more specifically these are tailored to the respective needs, the greater is the resulting competitive advantage. This also applies to storing their data. We develop customized solutions to fulfill your requirements in projects perfectly.

Individuality is our standard

Presales & Postsales

Each company has its own strategy to be successful in the market. Efficient IT must support this strategy and the resulting activities with the least possible work and expenses. To develop an optimal solution for your project, it is important to work out the design of a solution in collaboration with you. This approach increases the efficiency and minimizes the implementation time of projects.

We live partnership

Solution design

Innovative storage concepts tailored to your needs are the key to efficient storage. Comprehensive consideration of your current and future data structures, optimum use of individual components and the use of new technologies are precisely the individual features on which efficiency is based. Efficiency means that your requirements are fulfilled completely and affordably in the long term.

We value your investment

Projekt implementation

To meet the challenges of our customers with innovative, individual and customized solutions in the long term, a team of specialists from various disciplines is necessary. Our selection criteria for new employees are designed so that we can cover know-how in the respective areas optimally. You should be able to say about our employees who work in your projects that

„…then they know what they are doing!“

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