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About Q5

Tired of the restrictions of storage solutions offered by large scale companies? We are too, that is why we set out to revolutionize the market, with Software-defined Storage solutions that break free from the norm. We give our customers the power to decide, not the other way around.
Get to know us at Q5 AG and why we strive to acheive personalized Storage solutions to fit the demand of the future.

VMWorld 2015

The IT gurus of the world migrated to San Francisco for the virtualization event of the year – and so did Q5. Join us as we recap what happened during the 2015 VMWorld Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, what we did and what we learned.

Joining the Movement of SDS

Read about how Software is stepping up its game and is fundamentally altering the foundation of datacenter infrastructure deployment, permitting superior, more flexible, cost-effective and scalable datacenter infrastructure.

Software-Defined Storage

The increasing sophistication of software-defined storage solutions  now delivers enterprise-class storage capabilities at unexpectedly afford- able prices. Nexenta is in the vanguard of storage providers, forging new  ground in low-cost, high-performance solutions